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What is MineBlock.City?

MineBlock.City is the first Austrian company to offer the concept of hybrid mining. Our goal is to cover the complex topic of mining and to offer our customers advantages such as orders in small quantities and short activation times through our active management. Our active community is already international and consists of more than 50 different countries. (as of March 2018)

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The team of MineBlock.city consists of a circle of successful visionaries, technicians, programmers, sales distributors and people who have been working with crypto currencies and crypto mining for years. Together, the team brings together their individual experiences and skills to create a unique international community: MineBlock.City!


As a legal form GmbH with headquarters in Vienna, we comply with all current legal regulations and rules relating to mining.



We have the necessary experience, expertise and partnerships in the field of crypto currencies and cryptomining.



Our goal with our unique city game is to make the advantages of mining easily accessible to everyone – especially you!



Our motto is MakeBigChanges. For this reason we support people in need which depend on our help to master their daily life.


A dynamic team, existing partners and years of experience!

In February 2015, our current core team got to know the subject of crypto currencies and used the knowledge only for personal and private purposes.

In late June 2016, we realized the huge potential of blockchain technology as the BTC value rose from $430 to $780. From now on, today’s MBC team was completely absorbed in the crypto currency industry.

As another year passed in the industry, at the end of July 2017, the team was already specialized in making the most profitable coin portfolio through our special and unique way to mine, so that the core team could make the topic of mining accessible to their own family and close friends from the second half of the year onwards.

On December 21, 2017 they decided to found MineBlock GmbH in Vienna, Austria and to make the initially private project publicly accessible.

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A real company with lasting partnerships!

We perceive many other companies, some of which are very well known and yet do not reveal any information about themselves or their founders and advertise with unrealizable prices.

We work comprehensibly, transparently & are up to date according to legal regulations. We have nothing to hide.

Our law firm for legal terms & data protection for e-commerce is managed by:

Aringer Herbst Winklbauer Rechtsanwälte (Attorneys at Law)
Dr. Stephan Winklbauer, LL.M.
Partner, Lawyer
Grillparzer Strasse 5, AT- 1010 Vienna

Our tax consulting office for taxes & levies looks after by:

Prime Communication PR Consulting KG
Dr. Werner Albeseder
Certified Public Accountant and Tax Consultant
Währinger Strasse  2-4/1/49, AT-1090 Vienna

The vision of MineBlock.City!

Our vision with MineBlock.city is to cover the complex topic of mining and to make the topic of crypto currencies playfully accessible to everyone on an international level with our unique city game. With MineBlock.City we have created a platform on which everyone can gather their first mining experiences according to Austrian quality. We believe strongly in the future of digital currencies and we love to be part of this growing community!

Make Big Changes – MBC Charity

This is our motto when it comes to sharing part of our success with people who are more disadvantaged in life than people living in developed industrial countries. People for whom daily survival and education are far ahead of the luxury wishes of the Western world. We strongly believe that when you do good, good things happen to you and so we want to share this news with everyone.

We thank every user of our community, because it enables us to implement charity  projects in poor countries. For us  MineBlock.City  team, we are not only looking for people who have the money to build a business, but that we also want to promote education and prevent malnutrition among children in developing countries


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