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Our service.

We currently get our computing power from Iceland, Georgia, Austria and China. Our broad diversification and careful selection of the respective locations ensure stability and cost efficiency.

Our unique approach offers many advantages, enabling the customer to activate computing power in 24-48 hours for as little as 5 euros and thus physically participate in the hardware and software at our locations.

Soon we will be the first Austrian mining company to be accommodated in a high-security Tier 3 data centre.

Our product – The Bitpower!

We record active hashing power/computing power in the form of our product:

 The Bitpower!

We specialize in purchasing machines in the field of “application-specific integrated circuit” , ASIC for short as well as graphics processing units – GPU´s, to buy them economical, optimize their performance, install them and operate them efficiently.

With the help of the Bitpower it is possible for us to finance all maintenance and repair costs such as electricity, cooling, rent and security personnel without having to charge monthly fees to the customer.

In addition, it is possible for us to coordinate and include factors such as the increasing degree of difficulty or the utilization of the respective mining network and the exchange rate of the respective crypto currency in order to be able to deal dynamically with the daily payout of the coins.

Since it is technically more complex for our team to take many small orders and allocate the computing power to our customers accordingly, the following price key results in the purchase of Bitpower:

Starter I

0,22per Bitpower*
  • Available from 20 BP
  • From 4,48 €
  • Overview in the personal back office
  • Recommendation level 1 from 100 € activated

Starter II

0,20per Bitpower*
  • Available from 700 BP
  • From 154 €
  • Overview in the personal back office
  • Recommendation level 1 activated

Basic I

0,18per Bitpower*
  • Available from 1400 BP
  • From 280 €
  • Overview in the personal back office
  • Recommendation level 1 activated

Basic II

0,16per Bitpower*
  • Available from 2800 BP
  • From 504 €
  • Overview in the personal back office
  • Recommendation level 1 & 2 activated


0,14per Bitpower*
  • Available from 5600 BP
  • From 896 €
  • Overview in the personal back office
  • Recommendation level 1 & 2 activated

*No monthly fees | ASIC & GPU Mining | price per Bitpower

How exactly does our mining work?

In the purchase of computing power we merge 2 possible approaches of hardware purchase to our unique advantage:

1.) We manage the computing power of our customers with the principle of cloud mining, which makes it possible for us to complete all orders within the shortest time and also make our product accessible for the smallest purse.

2.) We lease farms like in Georgia and Austria, which act on our behalf. At these locations we guarantee the computing power with physically tangible ASIC´s and GPU´s.

Since the process of delivering dedicated hardware takes about 14-28 days, we would like to save our customers the annoying waiting and therefore help with the principle of cloud mining. Thus we enable every customer to activate already from 5 Euro Bitpower and this with short waiting times of only 24-48h per order.

MBC Referral Program!

If a customer decides to recommend our product, he will be rewarded for his active cooperation according to our MBC recommendation program and has the opportunity to playfully advance in our MBC ranking.

We have developed a fair and sustainable bonus system. For this purpose we provide various marketing material in several languages in our members area to make our product easily accessible.

Further information about the MBC Referral Program, and our MBC Ranking are easily visible for all members in our members area.

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