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MineBlock.City welcomes you to the world of mining!

Our mining farms are ready for you to start. Log into the members area for free, you can start immediately.

Dive into the world of crypto currencies today without having to deal with the nerve-wracking & complex practices of mining.

Be open to what awaits you and come one step closer to the future. welcomes you with open arms and supports you actively. 

MBC at one glance – Art of the start!

Our hybrid mining is based on a clearly structured and long-term mining concept, which enables us to combine the advantages of the respective crypto currencies in our product – Bitpower – and thus to offer our customers the most efficient way to mine crypto currencies. We obtain our computing power from countries such as Iceland, Georgia, Austria and China and have concluded corresponding cooperation agreements with our contractual partners for security, maintenance and repair of our mining systems.

  • Excellent performance – We are connected to various mining pools and issue prospected coins for our customers every day.

  • Simple – Our hardware already calculates! We are not bound to a crypto currency and provide your   computing power within 24-48h

  • Free – Sign up for free in our members area and get a live view of our daily transmission platform

  • Collaborative – our team looks forward to introducing you to the world of crypto currencies and always strives to provide you with the best service.

  • Support – We offer live customer support, which is always there for you and 24/7 maintenance of all ASIC and GPU devices.

  • Security – Our farms have security (24h security service), hardware device monitoring software and the latest firewalls.

Our philosophy!

Our slogan is #MBC :  Make Big Changes.

With MineBlock.City we want to make the complex topic of mining easily accessible to our customers and be the first contact for successful crypto mining. Our hardware works according to the most efficient mining principle currently available and digs several coins simultaneously.

Our unique concept offers you the opportunity to participate in the most profitable mining on the market.

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